They were trying to get out the family from their own apartment: evection has been prevented with efforts of «AM»

27 March, 2019

Still in 2015, a married couple with Iranian citizenship became victim of deception. The marrieds bought an apartment in Armenia, but could not register their ownership right. It turned out that the apartment was registered in the Cadastre State Committee not on the name of the seller, but another person. For the purpose of due protection of their rights the married couple applied to «AM» Law Firm, by the efforts of partner of which, David Hunanyan, criminal case was initiated. Moreover, it turned out that the apartment was registered on the name of other person because a loan agreement was signed between him and the seller and the registration of the right of ownership of the apartment served as insurance of return of the loan amount.

Now the creditor applied to the police by demand of evection of the married couple, being victim of deception and their children from the apartment.

Chief legal adviser of «AM» Law Firm Aida Mosoyan applied to the court in a short time asked to prohibit the police to make any action till the end of the case. The court satisfied the demand and the evection has been prohibited.


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