''AM'' Law Firm assums legal assistance of ''Gyumri without cottages'' foundation

27 April, 2016

By decision of Board of Trustees of foundation, convened on 26 April 2016, “AM’’ Law Firm joins “Gyumri without cottages’’ program and the activity of the foundation, established for the implementation of it. The aim of the program “Gyumri without cottages’’ is to solve the problem of homelessness in Gyumri realizing a number of programs aimed at freeing the city of the cottages.

For the question of effective implementation of the program an importance is given to the process of involvement of persons, having public's confidence in the composition of management board of foundation, and which is noteworthy, and the election of the leader of Shirak episcopate bishop Mikayel Ajapahyan as a chairman of Board of Trustees of Foundation.

In the frames of the large scale program, “AM” Law Firm will provide full legal acompainiment continuing the works exercised by the company in Gyumri in social bases.

We would like additionally to remind, that at the third Thursday of each month the firm’s office in Gyumri provides free of charge legal consultation to the inhabitants of Gyumri.

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